Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Impression: ItWorks Ultimate Body Wrap - Does it work?

Have you heard or tried that crazy wrap thing?

I first heard about this crazy wrap thing when I found a blitz cards on my windshield about a year ago. My interest sure was sparked but I never looked into it.
Well, not until a friend of mines was raving about her results. I contacted her right away to schedule my wrap party to try this sucker out! 
It claims to "tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 minutes".
I was quite impressed with the results...not so much for myself but for my fellow wrappers.
Let's let the pictures speak for themselves.
Keep in mind that this crazy wrap thing performs differently on each and everyone. 


I'm so impressed, I decided to become a Independent Distributor of ItWorks!
A more detailed review is to come in the near future so if you want to find out more about this crazy wrap thing then stay tune or you can leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

If you're ready to start wrapping and get rid of your pooch then visit my store.