Sunday, March 2, 2014

Haul: Sephora/skincare

My skin has been really really...REALLY out of whack due to stress lately. I picked these up to treat and hopefully heal my skin.

1. Sarah McNamara Miracle Mud - I haven't heard or done any research on this product but the claims seems quite promising. I really want to try the GlamGlow but that price is not pretty at all lol. Anyways, this claims to be a miracle revival mud...restore, brighten, detoxify, hydrate, firm, revitalize and also helps with anti-aging...Soooo, we shall see. I'll do an update soon.

2. First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream - I heard great things about this from Nicole Guerriero. Even the SA at Sephora told me she needs to get one. I struggle with dry skin all year round and I'm still searching for my HG night cream. This product claims to hydrate and replenish the skin and relieve irritation due to eczema and other skin conditions. I have high hopes for this baby so pray for me!

3. Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum - this claims to reduce the appearance of sun spots and age spots in a week and helps prevent development of new pigmentation. For some reason my age spots got worst after I had my baby.

4. Beauty Blender sponge - I've tried the Soho London, Sonia Kashuk and other look-a-likes and I'm not too impress but I've heard everyone in the beauty community rave about the BB so...I finally broke down and got it. $20 for a sponge is not cheap! This sponge better be magic!

Lastly, I got this Nars set as a 500 Points perk :)
I'm excited because I don't own anything by Nars.

Swatch/review: Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stains

Tonight's talk will be about Jordana's take on the twistable lip crayons.

As you can see, color payoff is not bad at all.

05 Honey Love - This swatched a browny nude on white but on the lips ("infused" with my natural lip color) it comes off a very true mauve.

06 Cranberry Crush - a berry plum.
I was hoping this would be deeper but it's still very pretty on the lips.

07 Rock N Rough - a strawberry red.

$2.99/each at Walgreens (you might can find these at K-mart too)

These lippies come in pencil/crayon twistable/retractable form (like all the rest of it's kind :)). The packaging for each is, again, colored in the same color as the product. I'd say the product inside is pretty true to color of the packaging.

I love how these colors are great for everyday wear. I love the formula. So much more than the NYC and the Wet 'N Wild ones. It's much more moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. It stays put and doesn't slide around no matter how much you layer on. It has the perfect amount of shine to me. When it wears off it does leave a stain (but I don't care too much about the staining aspect of any of these balms). I like the fact that when it sets, it doesn't accentuate any dryness or lip lines. I also noticed that once the product wears off, it doesn't dry out my lips. The formula feels expensive lol  It does have a fruity scent though but if that doesn't bother you...for $'s a steal and a must try/have!

 Have you tried this line? Which shade is your favorite? Leave me a comment below.