Monday, July 15, 2013

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish Swatch + Mini Review

During my stop at the nail supply store 2 weeks ago, these were some of the polishes I picked up.  They were sitting on display at the checkout counter and the colors really caught my eyes.

Morgan Taylor.
I've never heard of the brand before so I asked the cashier how they were in comparison to OPI.  He said they're to be better than OPI.  Now you know I gotta try it out now with that said!  There was about 10 shades the store currently carries and I picked up 5.

After further research, I learned that MT is owned by the same company that owns Gelish; a well known gel polish brand.

Birthday Suit.  I would describe this as "bone beige" lol.  It looks greige in the picture though, don't it?  The formula was thick/goopy and application was streaky...this one is a hot mess!   It took me about 4 coats to even everything out.  However, I do like the glossy finish of a top coat without a top coat.  You get it??  LOL

Mint Chocolate Chip.  
This is your typical mint creme shade.  Again, the formula was thick and application was streaky.  Swatch below is of 3 coats.

Lost in Paradise.  
This is a blue/green/teal creme.  This formula was thin unlike the first 2 polishes.  It was streaky upon initial application but once you layer on the 2nd's even and opaque.   

West Coast Cool.  
This is a vibrant blue cream.  Formula and application is same as the previous shade.

It's My Party.  
This is a multi-colored glitter polish.  The glitters are not too big or too small.  They seem to be the same size for the most part.  I did wear this shade over Lost in Paradise and West Coast Cool but I forgot to take a picture.  I can say that this glitter polish is very easy to take off with polish remover :)  and the glitters are not that chunky at all but will require at least 1 good coat of top coat.

Overall, I'm not impressed.  The colors are beautiful but formula and application can be improved; especially, the quality of the brush.  I do like the fact that the polish dries quickly and the finish is nice enough to where you can skip putting on a top coat, if you didn't have the time.  Now I will have to wear it more to test the longevity of each shade.  

Disclosure:  Products purchased by yours truly.

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