Friday, July 19, 2013

New Inglot Freedom palette

This is my 2nd Inglot palette.  My first was a 10 pan freedom palette (sold off in a blog sale though).  
Wow!  First and foremost, Inglot's prices has increased.  Before, each shadow was $5/each and you got the palette for free (if you filled it up).  For example, my first freedom palette, I purchased 10 shadows for $5/each and got the 10 pan palette for free so my total was $50. shadows are $6/each and you have to purchase the freedom palette separately.  So, it cost $76 for a 10 pan palette now!  SMH No bueno!  
With that being said, I remembered why I sold my first freedom palette (rarely used), so I opted to get a more basic palette.  I got the 3 eyeshadow + 1 blush freedom palette for $39.  
I've owned the 2 matte shades (337 & 329) before.

CUA aka SMILEYPearl 393 - peachy/golden with a pearl finish.  I love this finish because it gives you just the right amount of sheen.  This shade reminds me of MAC's Ricepaper and somewhat of theBalm's Mary Loumanizer.  Beautiful!

Matte 337 - matte medium brown.  I've owned this before and I mainly use it for blending and for my brows :)

Matte 329 - matte deep chocolate brown.  This is also another shade I've owned before and it's main purpose was for crease work and smoking out the bottom lash line.  For some reason, the formula on this one is a bit chalky.

CUA aka SMILEYBlush #28 - muted/mauvy pink.  I think this is perfect for everyday wear.  It's super silky smooth and blends great.

Although Inglot's prices has increased due to the popularity of their line, I don't mind the extra few dollars at all.  

Have you tried Inglot line?  What are your favorites?

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