Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Makeup Storage

I posted up some of my makeup items on a blog sale and it sold well.  Whatever was left, I fitted them into a travel makeup bag.  The one I use is by Mary Kay.  I LOVE it!  It's so travel friendly!  The outside is black and the inside is pink and it rolls up and velcro.  Inside, there's 4 removable plastic zippered compartments and a swivel hook for hanging.  This has been my travel bag for 3 years now.  It's so cool having all my makeup in one bag...I don't have to sit and debate on what to bring anymore!  But it did kind of sucked because some stuff would be tucked away under.  So I decided to reorganize my makeup.  I picked up a 3 draw sterlite organizer.

So in the organizer on the left (all this was what fitted in my travel bag), I have foundations/powders on the bottom, blushers/bronzers in the middle and eyeshadows/lippies on top.  To the right of that, is a office organizer I got like 4 years ago.  This also comes with 3 draws.  I keep more of the little stuff concealers, eyeliners/brow pencils, foundation samples, tools and brow powders.  On the far right, I have my brush cleaner, cleansing water and a lil glass jar to keep any samples I want to try or use.

I use to keep my brushes in 3 plastic drinking cups and sat them on top of the office organizer but it blocked my view of my palettes so I never used them.  So, I decided to switch them to this holder.  I used this holder to store my brush cleaner, bb creams, sponges, and samples before.  I actually really like having my brushes in this holder.  It has 5 sections.  The middle middle section is just a rectangle so I keep my hair brush and lash curler in there.

I don't plan on growing my collection anymore with unused items.  I don't have the space to store them or the money, of course.  It's expensive having a child!

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