Saturday, January 19, 2013

Swatch/Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal

I have 2 of the 5 new Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal cream shadows.

Barely Branded & Inked in Pink

Barely Branded is a frosty champagne/beige and Inked in Pink is a frosty rosy/gold pink.

My thoughts:  I love the formula of the color tattoo line.  These in particular appear to be much creamier and silkier in texture than the original color tattoos.  I like that they can be worn opaque or sheered out.  I don't mind applying these cream shadows in a pot with my fingers but I do wish they would come in a "crayon" form for easier/cleaner application.  These do dry down to a powder-like finish (like the originals) so I don't mind wearing these alone (I usually do).  These (like the originals) have a great staying power (water alone will not take these off).  I do notice a little creasing by the end of the day if they are worn alone (especially on super oily lid days) but nothing too noticeable.  All in all, these are a bang for your buck!

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